2 Hole patroon

Published on 30 May 2022 at 22:00

This pattern is made using the 2 hole technique, also called missed hole. With this technique, you thread 2 threads per card, instead of 4 threads per card. This gives you a texture difference which in turn can create beautiful patterns.

This pattern requires 14 tablets. 10 tablets for the pattern, and a total of 4 tablets for the borders. There are 2 tablets on each border. I have threaded the border tablets with 4 threads per tablet, which makes for a sturdy border. The pattern tablets are threaded with 2 threads per tablet.

All tablets turn in only one direction. This can be to the front or to the back, whatever you prefer. Because all tablets are turned one way, you will suffer from "twist". These are the twists that occur on the warp threads (the unwoven threads) of your band. You can undo these twists by turning all the tablets the other way. So if you were continuously turning everything forward, now turn all the tablets backwards until the twist is gone. Note: in this way, you will get a turning point in your tabletweaving band. Don't want a turning point in your band? Then you can use fishing swivels or a warp weighted loom construction. You can read more about this on the "Materials - Looms" page.

The pattern

The horizontal numbers from 1 to 14 are your tablets.

The S and Z represent the position in which you should see the tablet from above. S stands for \ and Z stands for /.

Make sure you have the pattern tablets in the starting position reversed. So in tablet number 3, in the hole at the top closest to you, there is no thread. In tablet number 4, in the hole at the top closest to you, there is a thread. And so on. With that, you get to see the diagonal pattern in your band.

Here you can see that I used a different colour tablet for the border tablets. This is nice to keep an overview.

Here you can clearly see the threading of the tablets. The left tablet has the threads above near and below behind. The right tablet has the threads below near and above behind.

2 Hole patroon
RAR file – 221,0 B 284 downloads

Above is a .rar file containing the .tdd file, this is the file you can download to then further edit yourself in The Tablet Weaving Draft Designer.

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