Glimåkra Standard - Countermarch floorloom

8 shafts - 10 threadles

Since 2022, I can call myself happy owner of a floor loom with treadles and a countermarch system.

She has a weaving width of 1.20 metres and an option to weave via the pulley system or via the countermarch system.

Glimåkra is a Swedish manufacturer of looms and accessories. They are known for solid, well-functioning looms that can handle everything from fine linen thread weaving to coarse carpets and rugs. They can handle it all!

Vera Bross - table weaving loom

4 shafts

A year earlier, I took the plunge and bought a loom with shafts. Weaving with shafts is completely different from card weaving! But working with thread is a passion so I was very curious to see if I would manage to learn it.

Soon I managed to set up the first warp and weave. This warp loom is from the brand Vera Bross, she made many looms in the 1980s and gave courses and workshops with these. The looms are always of solid quality. Functional and sturdy! This model is a table loom, which means that the base is separate from the upper frame. So you could put it on the table to weave with it. It has 4 shafts that can be operated by levers at the top. With a weaving width of 60 cm, you can weave beautiful tea towels and scarves with it!

The countermarch loom also doubles as a coat hanger for my re-enactment dress!

Here you can see the (from bottom to top) pedals, long shimmers, short shimmers, shafts and behind them the reeds with the attachments from the threadles to the shafts and contramars system.